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About UPT

Trisakti University, as a private university has obligation not only in the field of knowledge, technology and art but also to develop, promote and carry out the Triad of Duties of Indonesian’s Higher Education Institute. In order to take it’s placa in the duties stated above, Trisakti University feels need to endorse corporation in accordance to the Triad Duties of Indonesian’s Higher Education Institute. Partnership is also needed to realize Trisakti University vision on being a university with a national and an international reputation in developing knowledge, technology and art to enhance culture and the quality of life.
In accordance with Trisakti University development in the 21st century-globalization era, Trisakti University has formulated strategies, priorities, programs and targets to face and overcome obstacles and challenges found in the field of higher education. One of the development programs to enhance academic quality is to increase collaboration program.
Our Functions:
  • Aids faculties/centers/divisions within Trisakti University in bridging efforts towards collaboration with higher education institutions, industries, and other government or private institutions, domestic or foreign professionally in accordance with the Triad od Duties of Indonesian’s Higher Education Institute.
  • Involve in development concerning with collaboration programs supporting activities related to the Trisakti University management.
  • Provides quality service to commence internationalization of Trisakti University.
Collaboration and partnership with counterparts are continuously developed and enhanced through Memorandum of Understanding.
Quantitatively, the number of collaboration being carried out is increasing. Data shows that since the year 1999 domestic collaboration has undergone an increase from 24 active MoU to 104 active MoU (as of August 2009), also collaboration with foreign counterparts increase from 6 MoU active to 41 MoU active, working with higher education institutions spread over 15 countries.
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About UPT Kerjasama

To Assist Faculty/Institution/related unit in Trisakti University in establishing co-operation and partnerships with Institutions of higher education, industry,  Government and private institutions, at home and abroad pertinent to the fields of Three Duties of Higher Education.

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Email: humas@trisakti.ac.id